Capital Advisory

Debt and Equity Sourcing

CapRate Commercial Real Estate Advisors offers private capital clients a complete capital advisory solution to optimize their return on equity. We take a holistic view of the investment capital structure to guide owners to the most favorable financing opportunities to maximize returns at every critical decision point in the investment lifecycle.

Our team of professionals is equipped with deep and broad financing experience that covers a variety of real estate investment objectives. More importantly, this collaborative and unified advisory team is empowered with the latest technology to achieve your objectives.

Strategic Advisory

Financial markets are subject to constant change. Government manipulation and free market forces have the potential to materially impact the financial positioning of your property. It is our job to stay ahead of these changes and position your property in the most favorable way for potential debt and equity providers.

Our team of professionals is actively involved in shaping the strategies that help private capital clients take advantage of positive movements and mitigate the negative impact of others. This unique perspective combined with a collaborative environment ensures that no stone goes unturned when it comes to positioning your property for success.

Acquisition Financing

Real estate acquisitions are simple in theory, but their execution can present major challenges. Lenders and equity partners are critical stakeholders in bringing a transaction from offer to close. A skilled intermediary can mean the difference between gaining control of the property and losing a large non-refundable deposit.

Acquisition financing decisions are made in a high-stress environment, where the buyer is juggling many other decisions while usually running a separate business. This is a time where our team of professionals brings clear and actionable solutions to make sure the financing that is selected will set up the investment for sufficient immediate cash flow and long-term value creation.

Refinance and Recapitalize

Return on equity is among the most important measurements of long-term investment success in real estate. Your positive equity position relative to the market allows you to pull cash out, restructure your balance sheet, and pursue other opportunities regardless of how you came to control the asset. This is a unique advantage to hold real estate over any other type of investment.

We believe that you have a distinct advantage over the market by controlling exceptional real estate to begin with. Our team of professionals has an expansive network of debt and equity providers that are constantly searching for a variety of opportunities to deploy capital. This allows you to pick and choose the most productive investment relationships that keep you in the driver’s seat, while optimizing the capital structure.

Capital Advisory Services

Our Capital Advisory Services team of professionals provide real estate investors with the expert advice and support needed to execute on their business plans. Whether it is debt or equity, financial reporting or acquisition, they provide superior due diligence, valuation, capital markets, and regulatory advisory services.

Strategy Advisory 98%
Acquisition Financing 97%
Recapitalization Experience 96%
Refinance Management 95%