Select Insurance Companies

At CapRate Insurance Services we work with the leaders in the industry. This allows us to customize coverage for you as an individual business. Each company and situation is unique and we understand that at CapRate. This approach provides flexibility and opportunities that other service providers don’t offer. It allows us to think on our feet and build your insurance strategy for the ultimate in risk mitigation and coverage. You can rely on CapRate everytime!

Coverages Providers
  • ACE Insurance Company
  • AIG
  • Berkshire Hathaway Insurance Companies
  • Blackboard Insurance Company
  • Century Surety Company
  • Chubb
  • Hamilton Insurance Company
  • independent specialty insurance company
  • Ironshore
  • Lexington Insurance Company
  • Lloyd’s of London
  • National Fire and Marine
  • Pan America insurance company
  • QBE Specialty
  • RLI
  • Scottsdale Insurance Company
  • Westchester Insurance Company

This is only a small sample of the providers we work with. Contact us directly to receive a full consultation and an introduction to the full portfolio of insurance providers,  custom built for your specific needs.